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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pal Pourri

Some palliative highlights from the web:

The New York Times published an article on nurses being attacked on the job. 12x the rate of violent injuries compared to the rest of the private work force! I know many nurses could share stories about being a victim on the job. In March there was even a murder of an ICU nurse in the ICU as a retaliation by a son for the death of his mother. Sadly it was a case of mistaken identity. What implications it has for those who deal with dying patients all day no one has ever commented.

A team blog called Mothers In Medicine had a highly commented post on crying in medicine. They had another good post this week on being the child of a doctor. With a good follow-up post from a commenter.

Maggie Mahar updates us all on the wild action in Congress around the Medicare physician fee cuts which would be a large impact on hospice and palliative care doctors. Long but important reading if you get paid for being a doctor. (HT: Kevin MD)

The WSJ highlights the financial obligations oncologists are going through to obtain expensive (100k/year) meds for their patients. Surprise, now cost is being discussed upfront with patients!

Jennifer Bunn, RN blogs about a BMC article (open access) on how health care workers would respond during a pandemic. Think about if your city was flooded, or had a aggressive contagious deadly virus, or had a biohazard catastrophe? What would you do?

JAMA has an opinion article about being stalked online by patients (sub required). You may not think you have an online footprint, but try Googling yourself and see what you get. And no I am not the director of Middle Eastern studies for the School for International Training in Vermont.

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