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Friday, August 15, 2008

BMJ series on qualitative research

BMJ has a series of articles about reading, understanding, and appraising qualitative research - a good set for the teaching file. BMJ has a complex online <-> print publishing system which I don't exactly understand and I can't exactly tell which issue these are from (the were all grouped together in a recent table of contents announcement from BMJ) - so here are the individual articles:

  1. An introduction to reading and appraising qualitative research.
  2. Grounded theory, mixed-methods, and action research.
  3. Discourse analysis.
  4. Why use theories in qualitative research?
  5. Ethnography (from the text: "ethnography is the study of social interactions, behaviours, and perceptions that occur within groups, teams, organisations, and communities").
  6. Critically appraising qualitative research.
Articles 1, 2, and 6 will likely be of most interest to readers of the blog and their trainees. Grounded theory comes up a lot in palliative care research, and I was hoping #2 would be illuminating, but is unfortunately a relatively brief introduction to it. Does anyone have a good overview of grounded theory research and how to interpret it (one that's written for clinicians, and not researchers, social scientists, etc.)?

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