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Friday, April 3, 2009

Some reflections on the Austin AAHPM meeting

I wanted to reflect on the Academy meeting last week and thank everyone who wore a 'P' and/or came up to Christian, Tom, Amber, and me to share their support of the Pallimed blogs. It was invigorating for us - that this project of ours has been met with such enthusiasm by the HPM community. I was struck also by the number of readers who practice in isolated settings (rural, or solo practice) who told me that the blogs serve as a connection to the larger HPM world.

Thanks too for those who came to the 'happy hour' Friday night. Sorry about the cover charge, but as the night went on clearly the Dueling Piano show was worth it. (SR I'm sorry they never played Duran Duran for you.)

I also want to note that as far as we know the Academy recognizing the blog with an award (the AAHPM PDIA Palliative Medicine Community Leadership Award) this way is unprecedented: a professional organization recognizing a 'new media' project (one that is 'free-standing,' unaffiliated with any institution or organization, and is simply a blog done by a handful of individuals in their spare time) as an important resource for a professional community. It shows that the HPM community (& Academy) are embracing new ways of communicating and organizing (this, plus of course Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), and I am curious to see how the future of online information sharing and communities of interest will evolve.

There is a small, but growing HPM blogging community, as well as a (way too small but growing) 'academically-minded' medical blogging community, and we are happy to be a part of this and hope it continues to grow.

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