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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Palliative Care Grand Rounds Vol 2.1

Welcome to the second year of Palliative Care Grand Rounds, the monthly review of the best of hospice and palliative care content from blogs. 

When I first thought of adapting the popular Grand Rounds concept to our field, I was not sure if Pallimed would be hosting every other month.  I had some doubts about the longevity of the idea, but I really wanted to be able to feature all the great writing that may lie undiscovered.  There are over 40 active hospice and palliative care related blogs in addition to all of the other blogs who may not focus on this specific area but may occasionally write significant posts which would resonate with our readers.

Well one year later Palliative Care Grand Rounds is still here and we had 11 different blogs participating last year (we started in February).  So I would call that a success.  I am currently taking offers for anyone who would like to host an upcoming PC Grand Rounds. (email:

In this edition I will also add some interesting Tweets culled from searching Twitter using the words 'hospice' and 'palliative.'

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I found this Tweet from Andrea Gauster, a singer/songwriter from Canada (and a pretty good one too):

  • @fevadivadork: Sucks when someone who is fully aware and walking gets told that theres nothing they can do and the hospice will be making visits now. ugh from txt
  • @mxmlxviii: The area hospice has decided to kill Mr. Brown. Assholes. Worst part they sent him home and my mom is on the crew that is doing it. from web
  • @mxmlxviii: Mr. Brown, MS, and non specific seizure disorder. Average life expectancy = 30. Dr.'s pulling nutrition at 37 so as not to blow the curve. from web

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