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Monday, August 23, 2010

Palliative Medicine at SXSW? Maybe...With Your Help!

Quick little call for help from the Pallimed readership to get palliative medicine more attention on a national scale at the 2011 South by Southwest.  Two submissions I am involved in got short-listed in the first ever Health Track at the Interactive portion of the festival.  And right now is the public voting session called 'PanelPicker' which accounts for over 30% of the final score.

Here are the two talks:
So why should you care?

Many of the examples I will draw from for the two sessions will come right from the pages of palliative care.  The mostly non-medical audience numbered 13,000+ in Spring 2010 and is growing.   SXSW Interactive is a place for emerging technologies and ideas to get a lot of attention and I would love to put HPM in that spotlight.  And if these panels get picked I will be featuring all of you the Pallimed readers who have made this fun 'night job' such a treat.

You have this week to go register, log in and vote for these two proposals and if you could be so kind leave a supporting, encouraging comment that would be fabulous.

Information needed to register: name, email address and if you are planning to go to SXSW.  You will NOT be signed up for an email list.

So here it is in simple to follow steps:
1. Go to and register to be a PanelPicker
2. Go to Can Prognostication Science Save the Future of Medicine? Vote yes or no, and leave a comment about why this is important.

3. Go to Why Medicine Cannot Ignore Social Media. Vote yes or no, and leave a comment about why this is important.

4. Browse some of the other listings in health and other categories to see what cool ideas might be coming next.

We have over 2,000 subscribers so we should be able to make a healthy dent in the votes!  Voting ends this Friday at Midnight, so vote soon! Tell your friends!

Total time to do this: less than 10 minutes! Go!

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