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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

LVAD Advice and Talking About Palliative Medicine Boards

Two posts have recently received a little more attention and I wanted to bring them back to everyone's attention if you had not seen the discussions.

The first is a post called "Holiday Heart"  from August 2010 written by Holly Yang.  Anon posted this comment which i thought might get better attention if it got bumped up to a post:

My hospital began LVAD-DT procedures recently. Our inpatient Palliative Medicine Department has been invited by the CV surgeons to participate in their pre-op inter-disciplinary patient evaluation process.
Our discussions re the old adage of "Hope for the Best; Prepare for the Worst", a phrase I never like to use, seems to be now changed in a nuanced way in the process of goals of care discussions with these patients. They have already experienced years of frustrating medical care and are very aware of their limited treatment options. Thus, some are hanging on to a thin thread of hope of this procedure as their last and saving option.
I wish to ask about how do others approach the subjects of hopes, wishes, goals, fears, scenario planning and related topics in the context of the person facing an LVAD procedure? I appreciate any comments.

Any suggestions for our fellow Pallimed reader? Feel free to comment on the original post.

Also a few anonymous commenters have taken to my "Good Luck on Boards" post to start a conversation about board prep and the test. If you needed a space to discuss this it is available, but please do not disclose anything about the questions or answers directly. and keep the comments constructive.

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