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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How Much Does a Palliative Medicine Doctor Make?

Well besides just putting down some rampant speculative numbers here, I suggest if you really want to know the answer,you have to be a CEO or CFO of a hospital or hospice organization, department chair, a palliative care/hospice doctor, spouse of said doctor, or in a few months time you will be to see the results of the AAHPM's brand new survey on palliative medicine and hospice physician compensation.

The deadline was extended until Wednesday December 8th, so if you have procrastinated thus far, you better ask your billing department to collect a few numbers and head on over to the survey.

Here is the link to the AAHPM page with more info about it

Hopefully then the 1,466 of you that land here on Pallimed looking for some salary information will actually have some good info to work with!  (image below taken from keyword search data including the term 'salar*' from Jan 2007 to Dec 2010)


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