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Sunday, March 17, 2013

State of the Science from the 2013 AAHPM Annual Assembly

The State of the Science plenary is one of my favorite traditions at the AAHPM Annual Assembly.   This year, Jay Horton and Kim Johnson took the lead in presenting analyses of some of the previous year's most important hospice and palliative medicine research.  For those attendees interested in seeing their slides again, you can find them here.

Some of the research below further confirms our previous understanding of the state of the science (for instance, the studies on the low utility of feeding tubes in many circumstances).  Other studies provide quality randomized controlled trial data on questions which have nagged our field but where previous RCT data are minimal or completely lacking (e.g. parenteral fluids near end of life and ketamine for cancer pain).

We'd love to hear what you think about each study.  Feel free to comment on the blog.  If you like a study, you can further disseminate it by Retweeting it directly from this post! 

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