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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Subscribers Moving to A New Email Delivery Platform

We are moving to a new email delivery system called MailChimp from the old delivery system Feedblitz.  (Yeah, all new companies seem to have silly names. I can't stop them.).  What does this mean for you?

1) No more random ads on the emails
2) Ability to choose your subscription frequency:

  • Daily (Full Post)
  • MWF (Full Post)
  • Weekly (Digest Version - short snippet of each post in the past week)
3) Ability for us to better understand the reasons why emails don't get delivered
4) Prettier looking emails that make you want to read and click
5) Clearer credits for the authors contributing to Pallimed

If you were a subscriber of the Pallimed: Arts and Humanities or Pallimed: Case Conferences blogs, you have been subscribed to the main blog, since that is where those posts will now show up.  Make sure to allow emails from on your email safe list.

I will be working with the look of the emails, so please be patient, let me know if your delivery gets interrupted and send feedback to 

And if you want to be giving, you could always forward this on to your colleagues and ask them to subscribe!

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