Monday, March 10, 2014

Join the Pallimed & GeriPal party at the AAHPM/HPNA/SWHPN 2014 Annual Assembly

The annual Pallimed / Geripal party is back on for this year's AAHPM/HPNA/SWHPN 2014 Annual Assembly.   We are going to do a similar progressive party as we did at the 2013 annual meeting in New Orleans.  What does this mean? Basically we will start off at the Field Irish Pub at 9pm on Thursday March 13, and as the evening progresses, we will be moving to different locations.  The only way to find out where we are is to use social media and follow on of the Pallimed/Pallimed feeds, or the #HPMparty hashtag. 

Date: Thursday, March 13th.  Start time 9pm.  End time TBD

Where: Depends

Starting location: The Field Irish Pub

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