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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

World Series of Baseball and Blogs: Pallimed (KC) vs Geripal (SF)

When my adopted hometown of Kansas City is going this crazy over the Royals being in the World Series for the first time in 29 years, you start to get caught up in the fun.  So to add another layer on top of the fun, I decided to make a friendly wager with San Francisco's very own Eric Widera and Alex Smith of Geripal.  Several bloggers for Pallimed are based out of the Kansas City metro or have Kansas City roots (Amber Wollesen, Amy Clarkson, Holly Yang, Emily Riegel, Gary Buckholz, Jenni Linebarger, John Hennessy) although we (like Geripal) have representation from all over.

So we have the San Francisco Giants/Geripal versus the Kansas City Royals/Pallimed for the World Series of Baseball/Blogs.

The basic rules are thus:

- For each loss in the series, the losing blog must write a post for the opposing blog. So, for example, after the Royals crush the Giants in Game 1 Tuesday night, a Geripal blogger will write a post for Pallimed. Timing doesn't have to be the same night, so when the Royals complete their sweep 4 games to zero, the Geripal authors can take their time writing their wonderful palliative articles.

-In addition, at the end of the series, the losing blog must send a dinner themed from their city. So for example, in the unlikely event that the Giants break America's heart since the nation is obviously rooting for the Royals, we at Pallimed will send burnt ends and BBQ from Joe's Kansas City, Boulevard Beer Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale, and Christopher Elbow chocolates. When the Royals win, GeriPal will send Pallimed a dinner of something like sourdough bread, Mt. Tam Cheese, and It's Its.

We may negotiate the finer details, but those are the basics. If you the readers come up with any other grand ideas for this wager, please let us know!

And Alex and Eric...Hunter Pence thinks a blog is something that comes out of his nose.

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