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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Palliman comic released today!

by Abe R Feaulx, Pallimed Special Reporter

The rumors whispered around the globe have finally been confirmed. In the Fires of Pain and Suffering, A New Hero is Forged.  Pain has a new nemesis; his name… is Palliman.

Upstart publisher MD Comics is taking aim at media giants DC and Marvel with its latest addition to the superhero world. Issue Number 1: An Empathic Hero Rises is the world’s first glimpse at a long-awaited transformation in the comic universe.

“He’s different from other heroes. He’s such a good listener!!” said 12 year-old Easton McKilkenny after finishing the first issue. “I wish I could do a family meeting like him!!”

This “Cloaked Crusader” is already changing the landscape of 21st century superheroes.

“The lone pain-fighting hero model is outdated; Palliman always works as part of his InterGalactic Interdisciplinary Team and all members offer their special skills,” said Kathy Konsbach, a global marketing representative for MD Comics.

Readers will come to love the colorful cast of characters in the Intergalactic IDT – including the resourceful robot social worker “Shield,” the contemplative “Captain Chaplain,” music therapist “Songstorm,” and a whole host of other equally important and mutually respectful team members. Gossip is already flying that the daring rogue acupuncturist “AcuPunk” may make an unconventional appearance in Issue 4.

This new look for a comic book hero is giving palliative professionals around the planet a renewed sense of identity and inspiration.

“It’s no secret that sometimes it’s hard for palliative providers to explain what we do. Now, Palliman will be there to inspire and educate a new generation. With his rugged cloak of symptom management and his empathically chiseled physique, he makes palliative medicine approachable yet spicy,” said Elaine Smotterman, palliative nurse practitioner.

However, education is only a small part of the secret sauce bringing this tasty hero to the plate of readers around the world. Fans say it’s the story that makes Palliman sizzle.

“The showdown at the end of the issue, where the Intergalactic IDT squares off against the evil Dark Warrior “Total Pain” on top of the Empire State Building was totally sick!” said 14 year-old Caitlin Grossbin, who has already decided she wants to be a Palliative provider when she grows up.

Even in the bleakest hour, an extra layer of support is now just a few pages away.

Happy April Fools 2015 from Pallimed!

Image: Palliman Comic cover by Nathan Gray, All Rights Reserved

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