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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Be My Valentine! (Palliative Care Style)

In the afternoon, the team gathered round a festive red and pink table, surrounded by hearts and sweets.

The morning was filled with the hustle and bustle of Palliative Care, no easy feats.

Navigating the patient’s course and determining their wishes,

Unrelieved pain, intractable nausea, constipation, and moral distress, the nurse dishes.

Finding out what matters most, best possible day, and providing support,

Coordination of care and communication, both often out of sort.

Advocating for the patient and providing compassionate care,

Palliative care is not for the weary, but those who dare.

The team stops to celebrate the holiday of L-O-V-E,

Valentine’s Day reminds us that love and our wishes are key.

These cards are inspired by the work we do,

Dedicated to the patients, families, and Palliative Care teams- whoo-hoo.

And finally, roses are red, violets are blue,

Love, kisses, and Valentine wishes.


Thank you to the palliative care doctors, nurses, social workers, chaplains, medical assistants, and support staff! You are the culture changers, the difference makers, the patient and family advocates! Never forget that your work extends beyond the hospital walls, the clinic doors, and the community roads.

This team wellness activity is brought to you by The NorthEast Palliative Care Team (aka NorthEast Palliators), who are part of Carolinas Palliative Care and Hospice Group and Carolinas HealthCare System in Concord, NC. Fun, creativity, and laughter are high priorities to their Team Wellness Plan.

Photo credits: Erica Frechman and Carolinas Palliative Care and Hospice Group - Used with permission under CC BY SA 2.0

Thanks to Erica Frechman for sharing this team activity with us. Below are some of the cards they created as part of team wellness. Maybe this will inspire your team to consider a similar activity? Let us know if you do! - Ed.

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