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Monday, August 20, 2018

Introducing the Pallimed Writers' Group

by Christian Sinclair (@ctsinclair)

We used to publish a lot more article reviews here on Pallimed. Sometimes the analysis would be quite deep and sometimes we would just lump together a while bunch of snippets from key articles. I have been keeping an ever-growing list of articles I would love to write up for the site*, but never seemed to have the time to get to them, and then new ones would come out, that I would want to write about, but they too would just get added to the list. At the end of the year, I would look back on key articles for our field and be pretty bummed out that I never got anything published here about them. A few weeks ago, I ignored my self-deprecation and put out a plea on Twitter for any interested clinicians to join a group and write together and encourage each other, and give feedback to one another.

And boom! Just like that nearly 20 people answered the call. We have our first list of articles to be published with a mix of new and old.

You can help us find good articles to cover by commenting here, or tagging @Pallimed in a tweet with your suggestions. If you are interested in joining this group we are already collecting names to join the second wave sometime this Fall. Email or ping @Pallimed on Twtter and we will add you to the list. We have a lot of attending physicians, but only one social worker, one medical student, one fellow, and one nurse practitioner, so we are definately looking for a little diversity of professional experience.

If you have written for Pallimed before, you are not being left out. You will be getting invitations soon to join the Pallimed Writers' Group. If you know me and you are waiting for me to ask you, please do not wait. Write! It is good for your mind and body. Submit something and let's see if we can get it published.

The first review from our Pallimed Writers' Group is published today is from physician Bob Arnold on the 2013 Tarumi article on Docusate vs Placebo for constipation in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management.

As we get more people published I will add them to alist here to make sure that this group gets credit for the work that they do for all of us.

Also, you may see an increase in emails if you subscribe, so you may want to consider changing to the MWF or weekly email options. You can find them at the bottom of your email from Pallimed.

* along with lists of books and films! Calling any humanities nerds.

List of published Pallimed Writing Group authors:
Robert Arnold
Rebecca Omlor
Drew Rosielle
Ben Skoch
Christian Sinclair

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