Saturday, June 18, 2005

Every article about communicating prognosis in cancer, nicely summarized...

Annals of Oncology this month publishes Communicating prognosis in cancer care:  a systematic review of the literature (Annals of Oncology 2005 16(7):1005-1053).  Due to the obvious heterogeneity of the literature on communicating prognosis this is really more of a critical overview than a systematic review (let alone metaanalysis).  Their conclusions are general, and perhaps can be summarized as 'every patient's preferences are different.'  What is really useful about this article though are the 39 (!) pages of tables which contain concise summaries of dozens and dozens of published articles on communicating prognosis.  If you're looking for an article on communicating prognosis, starting here may save you a lot of time.

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