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Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Schiavo Autopsy: some good fallout

Happily, much of the media fallout from the Schiavo autopsy has been positive & reasonable.  Two of my favorite articles from the last week are:

At Schiavo's Hospice, a Return to Routine  in today's Washington Post paints a very positive picture of the hospice where she died.  Mostly it is a description of what actually occurs there, on a day to day basis, with a little bit about what the hospice workers called 'The Siege.' has another great piece this week, this time by William Saletan, about the autopsy.  Mostly it is about the infamous videos released by the Schindlers, and how they were used to deceive an ignorant public (...& Senate Majority Leader).  Saletan reports there are journalists who have seen the full (unreleased) videos made by Terri Schiavo's parents and claims it confirms what all people of reason knew all along. "It's largely a wasteland," showing an unresponsive, vegetative young woman being harangued by her parents to open her eyes, smile, etc.  He concludes about the Schindlers, "This is what happens when you deny reality. First you lose your senses, then your mind, then your soul."

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