Sunday, October 2, 2005

Lancet's end of life viewpoints series ends with a whimper

Well it's over--concluding with a humanist perspective, & unfortunately it's the worst of the lot. Perhaps some of you who watched cable access television in the US growing up remember a show called "Atheism Today" (or something similar) which was a forum for atheist leaders to self-righteously pity the foolish believing public, humorlessly discuss slights against atheists, and devise a way to re-brand themselves "Brights" without seeming like they are the sort of people who, in trying to find a way to describe themselves in contradistinction to the rest of the world, chose the term "bright." Well these same people wrote the current piece & it shows--it is full of meaningless platitudes and gripes against hospital chaplains.

Some nuggets: "Fear and sensitivity are not alien to the humanist psyche." "...every humanist is an individual forging his or her own meaning in the world...."

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