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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Pallimed End of Year Lists

Everybody loves lists right? Especially at the end of the year, so I present you with the first annual(?) Pallimed End of Year Lists.

My Pallimed Wish List

  • To have more time to read more articles so I can then blog about said articles.
  • To have more journals moving towards an open access model.
  • To have more journals including a DOI identifier on every article.
  • To know someone generous in time and spirit who would want to help make one minute animations in Flash for educational issues in hospice and palliative medicine.
  • To have someone give Drew a grant to found the Institute for Academic Blogging.
  • To possess a machine to translate my thoughts into blog psots wihtout any mispselligns.
  • To have more palliative medicine blogs to read.
  • To have one hospital put up a billboard highlighting their spectacular palliative care team, instead of the oncologists, cardiologists or orthopedists. I would blog about that forever!
  • For a major magazine to do a cover feature on palliative care.
Top 10 Pallimed (Main) Posts for 2008 - in case you missed them the first time around.
1. First Time Visitor Page (Go figure!)
2. Prognosis Links
3. Grand Rounds
4. I Wanna Be a DNR
5. Symptoms in Dying Long Term Care Patients
6. Morphine vs. Fentanyl vs. Methadone
7. COPD Prognosis
8. Antibiotics and Treating Infections in the Elderly
9. Medicare Hospice Cuts - Is Hospice Worth Protecting?
10. Morphine Side Effects (from 2006!)

After the first of the year, when Drew and I get a chance to analyze some other stats from the Pallimed blogs, we hope to share some of them with you. Thanks to Drew and Thomas for the great year on the main blog, and to Amy and Amber on the Arts & Humanities blog. (Fantastic by the way, you should really check it out.) Thanks to all of our new subscribers who have made this site bloom beyond our expectations. Thank you to all of our readers quiet and loud. Keep the feedback, tips on interesting articles, and comments coming. And thanks to my wife Kelly for listening to me talk about the new comment someone just posted on the blog, and for letting me type posts late into the night.

I am signing off Pallimed until the New Year. Have a safe and happy holidays!

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