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Friday, January 16, 2009

Announcing Palliative Care Grand Rounds (A Blog Carnival)

With the growth of palliative medicine and hospice oriented blogs, as well as other blogs most powerful posts being on palliative care and end of life topics, we have reached a level of inertia to robustly support a blog carnival. This won't take the place of occassional links to other good timely posts, but will be a more formal event to help galvanize the palliative care blog community and highlight palliative care on a larger scale than might be done by any one individual blog.

What is a blog carnival?

It is a periodic round up of the best of topic X from blogs. And in the medical blogosphere the king of blog carnivals is Grand Rounds, now in its 5th year and which has been hosted at Pallimed twice.

So here are the details:

Title: Palliative Care Grand Rounds (unless anyone can think of a catchier title?)
Timing: First Wednesday of every month
Hosting: Rotating basis by invitation and/or request
Format: Host selections and submissions from other bloggers, readers, commenters. I am strongly encouraging the host to edit for the highlights of the month and not just every single thing that is emailed to them, as the post should not just be a link farm. I would like to aim to keep it the best posts with a high signal to noise ratio.

The first Palliative Care Grand Rounds will be hosted here on Pallimed on Feb 4th.
Deadline for submissions will be Jan 31st at MN.

There will be a separate blog listing the upcoming hosts and dates as well as archives. This should be set up by the time of the first PCGR. If you read any good blog post on any site feel free to email it to:If anyone would like to host, create a logo, or anything else please email me as well.

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