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Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Palliative Care Blog: GeriPal

Two physicians from UCSF (Eric Widera and Alex Smith) have started a blog covering the intersection between palliative care and geriatrics called GeriPal. They have been off to a great start with frequent content and insightful analysis. The format is a team blog with open contributions if you are interested.

So far the team consists of : Lynn O'Neill, Bob Arnold (aka rabob), Dan Matlock, Rebecca Sudore, Mike Steinman, R. Sean Morrison, Helen Kao, Cari Levy, Patrice Villars, Bree Johnston, Ken Covinsky and Nate Goldstein.

The writing is smart and approachable. The posts are generating some interesting conversations although for now much of it is from the other bloggers so get over there and add to the discussion. It is great to see more physicians writing openly (as opposed to anonymously) because it is helpful to collaborate and break down any information asymmetry by discussing these things in a public forum.

We look forward to sharing some interesting topics and expect to be linking to some of their coverage more often in the future.

Check them out and other hospice and palliative medicine blogs in the right hand column.

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