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Friday, February 12, 2010

January 2010 Digest of Pallimed: Arts & Humanities

For those of you who do not stray to far from the main blog, here is a quick summary of the posts from January 2010 Pallimed: Arts & Humanities blog by Amy Clarkson, MD and Amber Wollesen, MD.

Death and Harry Potter
Amber reviews the multiple themes around death in the popular series of the boy wizard.

I Still Do: Loving and Living with Alzheimer's Dementia
Amy discusses a writer/photographer's first hand account of watching her husband succumb to Alzheimer's.  The author even commented on the post!

Amber talks about the 2001 film and palliative care themes around the sense of time in a chronic illness.

In this post, the story of an unclaimed body is something we occasionally encounter in hospice and palliative care.  Amy explores how different groups have addressed this challenge.

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