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Monday, February 15, 2010

Pallimed? There's an App for That!

Can't always get to a computer to get to Pallimed?  Well now iPhone (and iTounch and iPad) users have an option to read Pallimed and Pallimed: Arts and Humanities (including comments to both blogs) with the very first Pallimed FREE iPhone app.

The FREE Pallimed app gives you one-click access to the blog content without any of the extra sidebar content that could make browsing the site via a smartphone a bit difficult.  You can even post a comment via the iPhone app.  There are two bugs we have found so far and we are working to get them hashed out (can't email author nor email the blog post).

We even have one review so far and the app was only published last week.
by Pixel 196,5

Simple, well thought-out, a great way to keep up with the latest information in palliative care. I've never read this blog before but I'll be following it regularly now! Thank you for doing this.
You are welcome Pixel 196,5!

If you have an iPhone we encourage you to get the FREE Pallimed iPhone app and review it.  Maybe it will rise in the standings and more Pallimed naive people may get the app and learn more about hospice and palliative medicine issues.

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