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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pallimed Hosting Grand Rounds Next Week

On the eve of our 1,000th post (this is #999) Pallimed is very excited to be hosting Grand Rounds for the fourth time (find previous editions here: 2007, 2008, 2009).  There will be no particular theme assigned this week, but I will be adding a little wrinkle to the submission process: If you submit one of your own blog posts you also have to submit a recent blog post from another blogger.    Help me find the BEST in medical blogs out there!

I will be looking around myself and finding a few selections of my own as well.  Email your submissions to with "Grand Rounds" in the subject header. Deadline for submissions will be 5pm CT on Sunday September 19th.  Please be sure to include why you think your submissions should be included in the BEST of the blogosphere.  You could also tweet me any of your links this week to @ctsinclair with the tag #gr Fair warning: Not all submissions will be included in the final post.  I will be looking at your other blog posts too and if I find something better on your blog I might choose that one instead.

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