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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hospice and Palliative Care on the Radio

Since I usually hear about a radio interview after the fact, I typically do not post these here, but this one I thought might be particularly interesting since as many of you are opening this email and reading it tomorrow, the show may actually be airing live.

At 9am (Pacific) on KQED (Northern California Public Radio) Andrew Lasher, director of palliative medicine at California Pacific Medical Center and Robert Brody, chief of the Pain Consultation Clinic, member of the board of directors for Compassion and Choices will be talking for an hour on palliative issues.  I do not know either of these docs, but it would be interesting to see if any of you listen live and call in.  We might light up their switchboard.  I am curious if anything about hastened death may come up with Dr. Brody being on the board for Compassion and Choices.

Have any of you done radio interviews?  Any tips or tricks to share with each other?

I have done radio interviews and podcast interviews a few times.  They seem to be pretty low stress compared to TV interviews for me anyway.  One good tip someone gave me was to bring a pen and paper and as people call in, they told me to write down the person's name and the few key things they were asking about so you would not get flustered and forget.  Also it helped so you could say "Thanks for calling in Christine, good question."  Also make sure to ask where the 'mute/cough' button is.  Any other tips?

(Email tip via Chris Okon)

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