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Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Most Referenced Palliative Medicine Book - 2 for 1 Offer

I am sure some of you were wondering what to get your team for their holiday gift this year.  Maybe some baked goods (calories-ugh!), gift cards (expensive!), a nice thank you note (to everyone that takes time!), or something else.  Well if you were looking for a great gift to show your appreciation and helps your team (both hospice and palliative care teams benefit) look no further for the perfect present.  The Hospice and Palliative Care Formulary, 2nd ed. from the editors of

They are giving readers of Pallimed a special 2 for 1 offer until the end of January using the code APA*.  

Now Christian, you must be thinking, are you taking money for ads and writing them as blog posts.  Nope.  Pallimed always has and always will be free and not supported by ads.  I use this book once or twice a week, get a copy for each of my fellows when they start, have one at each nurses station in the hospice unit and have a copy at home, at my office.  You can read my review of this book from 2009 here.  Here is an excerpt:

Here is why I find HPCF-USA so useful:

  • Detailed palliative care oriented medication information
  • Extremely well referenced drug monographs - Awesome for talks
  • FDA Approved indications clearly listed as well as likely palliative care uses
  • Cost information (in actual dollars not some crappy $-$$$$ scale)
  • Candid discussion about alternate route dosing/administration for many medications
  • Detailed pharmacologic information in tables to compare different meds within a class
  • A treatment monograph on 'Oxygen'  - When was the last time you read 4 detailed pages about the ins and outs of oxygen therapy? Wonderful!
  • Monographs on related but not primary palliative care meds - A whole section on antifibrinolytic drugs! Bronchodilators! Diabetes meds! Potassium! Magnesium!  You get the point.
  • Super helpful chapters covering meds in a meta-approach - Opioids and Fitness to Drive; Continuous Subcutaneous Infusions; Drugs Administered via Enteral Tubes
  • Designed for use in the USA (as opposed to the UK version with UK only meds like diamorphine)

Also I will encourage you to check out  I check the site and the book before I make any slidedeck with medication information in it.

*IMPORTANT:  It will look like you are being charged for two full price copies the WHOLE way through the checkout.  I bought two and went through the whole process and I can verify they only billed me for one book like the website tells you.

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