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Sunday, February 13, 2011

AAHPM highlights Palliative Medicine Specialty on YouTube

The AAHPM took a bold step into social media last week in launching a short video about palliative medicine, which highlights the site, the consumer oriented website supported by the Academy.  This is not your classic cliché'd video showing caring doctor/actors holding hands and nodding empathetically, with soft plain music and older people sitting on park benches with each other that you might expect to see from a awareness campaign. (Disclaimer: I was on the task force that worked on this video, but I am not writing as an official representative of AAHPM.)

This video uses kinetic typography to convey simple messages with words in an engaging way. Other advocacy and awareness campaigns like The Girl Effect have use this technique to get a significant reach online. So far in only 5 days of being online it has received over 1,400 views. The comments have been mostly positive, but there is a feeling that this video undermines the team aspect of palliative care. To me I see this video as a start into a new area of engagement with the public to help them understand what services are available to them. One area to highlight is the growth of physicians with specialty expertise in palliative medicine, whether it be in hospice, nursing home or hospital. With our board certification being officially recognized by the ABMS in the past few years, it is important to let people know they can ask for a doctor with the symptom knowledge person centered care they want and deserve.

Do you think this video hits the mark?

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