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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pallimed Blogs now available on Android Smartphones (FREE!)

Hooray for the sworn enemies of Apple acolytes (of which there seem to be a lot of in medicine),  a new Android App is here and you must get it for your phone.  (Apple fans don't fret! You got your iPhone, iPad app a year ago.)

Pallimed blogs, comments and Twitter feeds are now available in one convenient Pallimed app for FREE.  So for the person who asked me in Vancouver when the Android love attention to the other smartphone OS was coming, You got it now!  And to Joanna S who asked Saturday night when it was coming, your wish has been answered, because we are responsive like that.

The Pallimed App for Android is not available (yet) in the Android marketplace.  We are working on that, so you can install the app (safely from AppDrop courtesy of AppMakr).  And for those of you who have a QR scanner on your Android already you can scan the QR code below and go straight to it!

Blackberry, Windows Mobile and PalmOS users might have to wait a while.  There are not any cost-effective ways to make apps for them without a good deal of programming knowledge.  If there are any volunteers I will take you up on that!

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