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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pallimed Redesign 2011

Pallimed has finally undergone the design redux I have been wanting to do since 2010.  Some of you may have noticed the new look on the Arts and Humanites blog or the Case Conference blog.  With the new design rollout I am focusing on the overall blog functionality, so there may be a few broken links and bugs as I work them out over the next week.

If you do find any please feel free to report them to me at

Here is a listing of the changes made so far across all the Pallimed blogs:


  • Added Disqus plug-in feature for commenting
    • Allows for multiple one click sign-in
    • Still allows for subscribing to comments from individual posts
    • Still allows for anonymous commenting
    • Eliminates Word Captcha Spam protection (the quiggly words)
    • Allows for nested replies (so you can reply to one comment right after that comment)
    • Allows for ‘Likes’ to comments, increasing the validity/importance of your comments
  • Added Print Friendly button to the end of each post
    • Allows for removing images
    • Can select which text to print
    • Can save post as a PDF
    • Can email post 
  • Added automatic text cut off for quick summaries from front page to allow for quick scanning of most recent topics
  • Added related posts at the end of each post to help you find other articles of interest.

  • Added Facebook share and like buttons with counters on each post
  • Added Twitter buttons with counters for each post

  • Enabled Mobile versions of all three websites.
  • Links to Apple and Android Palilmed Apps on top right column

  • Added #HPM Daily - Daily digest of posts on Twitter about Hospice and Palliative Medicine
  • Added 'posts by contributors'
  • Updated disclaimer and privacy visibility
  • Added Popular posts feature highlighting most clicked posts in last 30 days
  • Added widget to see traffic in last 30 days (right column in footer

  • Added clearer navigation to other Pallimed blogs and Palliative Care Grand Rounds

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