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Sunday, June 19, 2011

"I'm taking care of him...but not really." - The dying patient in intensive care

The Happy Hospitalist, a long time blogger and purveyor of fine absurdist humor with the creation of multiple 'animated bear' videos (aka Xtranormal videos) has created a video focused on the dying patient in the intensive care unit...but not really.  Not really in the fact the video is not patient-centered at all, and that is the point.  HH skewers the system that so readily places orders for tests, scans and procedures before even talking or touching the patient.  For anyone in hospital based palliative care I am sure there are many witnessed experiences in the self-declared hyperbole of the video.

Here is the video (link to original post):

Below are some of my favorite lines/segments because they emphasize the frustrating weaknesses of our current approach to care of the critically ill:

"His functional score is -2, which means death within minutes."
'The cardiologist who orders a stat echo, EKG Q1 hour, and a iTunes enhanced pacemaker so he can bill for music therapy.'
"'Everyone deserves to die with a normal BMP."
There are other little gems I don't want to spoil that will make sense to anyone who has worked in the hospital, and for the non health care professionals reading this post I think anyone who has had a loved one critically ill will recognize some of these absurd situations that divorce the care of the numbers from the care of the patient.  This point is highlighted in my favorite line of the video which is repeated over and over again from both the hospitalist and the ICU nurse:
"I'm taking care of him...but not really."

Listen all the way to the end to get a sense of what HH really thinks about palliative care in the hospital.  He has been a big supporter of palliative care and he gets the fact that palliative care should be far upstream from just dying patients in the ICU.  For examples see some of his other posts:
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Leave your thoughts here but also go to Happy Hospitalist's blog and leave comments there because it is pretty popular and our thoughts might get to people outside our normal blogging circles

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