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Monday, September 9, 2013

Prescribe Long Acting Opioids? You Must Know About REMS

Here is the simple version:

If you prescribe long acting opioids then you (and all your prescribing co-workers) should sign up for the FREE FDA/DEA mandated REMS training hosted by AAHPM on September 10th (yes, tomorrow!) andOctober 11th.

Here is the (semi-)long version:

The FDA and DEA have noticed the public health risk caused by long acting opioids being used inappropriately.  One part of their remedy is to increase training for prescribers of opioids.  The AAHPM along with 9 other interdisciplinary organizations (Collaborative on REMS Education CO*RE) are working to provide the educational activity.  This training takes place over two days: September 10th and October 8th.

We have covered REMS on Pallimed previously: here, here, and here.

If you are worried that you cannot make these dates for training, you can always look for more live and online training resources from the CO*RE website under Educational Opportunities.

If anyone has taken a CO*RE class we would love to hear feedback.  It will be interesting to see how this does (or does not?) affect the growing challenge of misappropriation and misuse of opioids, which are a powerful and important therapeutic class of medications for hospice and palliative care clinicians to have available.

Don’t forget to register and tell your peers who prescribe, otherwise you might be the only REMS certified prescriber in town, and I don’t think you want to imagine that future.

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