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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Gabapentin for sweating

Supportive Care in Cancer has e-published a short article about using gabapentin for sweating in cancer patients.  It presents a case-series of 9 patients with advanced cancer and severe sweating (which they rated on a 0-10 numeric rating scale); all of the patients had "idiopathic" sweating ( i.e. none had neuroendocrine tumors or were receiving hormonal therapies etc.).  All patients had a good response to a week of gabapentin (at least a halving of their sweating rating) with tolerable side effects.  Doses ranged from 600-1800mg a day.  All these patients were inpatients on a cancer ward presumably receiving other treatments and so, along with simple regression-to-the-mean, more study is needed to say to least.  But this is promising, and adds to the slowly mounting evidence that gabapentin has efficacy for a variety of symptoms besides neuropathic pain.

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