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Saturday, February 4, 2006

Celebrity Musings on Death; AAHPM

Since we live in a death denying culture, I always enjoy seeing mainstream discussion/depiction of the dying process and the importance it has in all of our lives. (Terminator movies notwithstanding) From the 'Stargazing' column on the front page of the entertainment section in my local Kansas City Star paper come these excellent insights about death from actress Emma Thompson. These comments stem from dealing with death in her new movie "Nanny McPhee" (No we don't do movie reviews here at Pallimed.)

"Children understand much better than we do that life and death exist together simultaneously. As we grow older and try to make sense of it all...our tectonic plates start to ossify and nothing shifts anymore. But children are always moving. They understand that sometimes death comes, and it can be like that. They're not angry about death. They're angry about no communication, no time and no listening to the really sensible things." (emphasis mine)

- Emma Thompson

I thought she was spot on and spoke to this topic very well. I wonder if it was from a personal experience. These words sound like they come from our Child/Teen Specialist at work.


I will be there Friday and Saturday at the conference as well and I am very excited about hosting the Fellows' Case Conference for the second year in a row. We have some really good cases, so hopefully some of you will be there. Say hello to Drew and I and help us get the word out about Pallimed. And I will not be at Ruths' Chris Steakhouse Friday night. I will be at the Grand Ole Opry!

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