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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

President's 2007 Medicare Budget - Cuts to Hospice

Now, I am not the first person to be a public policy advocate, because frankly I am not all that keen on numbers when it comes to finances; except for entering my credit card bills into Quicken and seeing if I am paying down any of my student loans from medical school (Get you loans paid by 2028! is my motto).

But for those interested in making more noise about this, J. Donald Schumacher, the president of the NHPCO issued a letter about President Bush's Proposed Budget and the fact that Medicare Funds for hospice will be cut by 0.4%. He goes on encourage hospice providers to "Tell Their Story" to their legislators. So if you are in contact with your senators (you have two) and representative (you have one) or have always thought about doing that, now is your chance. Get out there and rock the vote!

(And if you do please feel free to comment and let us know who you contacted.)

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