Tuesday, February 14, 2006

JAMA "Perspectives" on palliative care in the nursing home; pathophysiology of fever

A brief post...

continues their "Perspectives on care at the close of life" series with an article on palliative care in post-acute settings (i.e. nursing homes and the like).  It's quite a good overview of the topic, and focuses on some of the frustrating regulatory problems.  Clearly, as the population ages, nursing home-like settings are going to become even more important 'venues' where palliative and terminal care are delivered.  One interesting model they talk about (I just discovered that this model is being implemented in my community in places) is embedding a 'hospice household' within a nursing home.  This 'household' has specially trained staff, comfort care plans, and family support integrated into it.

Another quick, basic science fix:

The Journal of Supportive Oncology has published a review on the pathophysiology & management of fever (JSO articles are available with a free online subscription).  Full of cytokines, pyrogens--things like that--if you're interested.

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