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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Annual Assembly Case Conferences

The reviewing for the AAHPM case conferences (3rd call) is well under way. We had over 60 submissions this year for 9 slots. Pallimed readers who are planning on attending the AAHPM/HPNA Annual Assembly in Austin, TX in March 2009, are encouraged to sign up for the case conferences. They are a great chance to see focused short presentations from some of our field's newer professionals. I have really enjoyed the presentations and some cases I thought rivaled any other presentation at the conference.

The cases will be announced on Monday December 1st. The person who submitted the case will be notified regarding selection or rejection by email. After a few days we will post the names and titles of the cases here and on the PIT-SIG blog.

Thanks to all who submitted and those who keep asking me.

FYI the cases are blinded to any identifying info re: the submitter, so no favoritism allowed.

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