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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Educational Exchange & Other Sundries at AAHPM

There is a late entry (at least as far as application deadlines go) for next year's AAHPM annual assembly: an "Interactive Educational Exchange: Sharing Innovative Teaching Materials and Methods." The organizers of this session are looking for submissions of innovative educational projects/materials/etc. Unfortunately, there is no website where you can get the submission forms, etc. so you'll have to email one of the organizers of the Exchange (see below). Below is from the organizers (note that you'll have to contact them for the actual submission forms). If you have any problems, let me know. Should be a great session, and if successful hopefully a version of this can continue for future meetings.

We want to call your attention to a new interdisciplinary educational scholarship opportunity at the 2010 Annual Assembly in Boston. We are soliciting submissions for the "Interactive Educational Exchange: Sharing Innovative Teaching Materials and Methods," an hour-long session at the Annual Assembly in which selected educators or trainees will share novel curricula, teaching methods or evaluation tools with the larger palliative care community. We encourage you to review the attached documents-- The Call for Submissions, The Submission Form, and the Submission Example-- and consider submitting your own materials or forwarding this email to colleagues who might be interested. Selected abstracts will be presented in a brief, oral presentation and structured interactive format. Trainees are encouraged to submit with mentors. Those who have already submitted an educational abstract for the Call for Scientific Abstracts may also submit to this venue, if additional criteria are met. The deadline for submissions is October 30, 2009. We thank you for supporting our goal of promoting the sharing of and dissemination of palliative care educational materials and hope to see you or some of your colleagues at the session. Please be in touch with us if you have any questions.
You can contact Laura Morrison, M.D. at lmorriso [at] bcm [dot] tmc [dot] edu for the submission materials.

Next year's assembly will also have a dedicated forum (which takes place over the whole day on Saturday) specifically directed at medical students (for dirt cheap as well - $25 - which includes a membership in AAHPM). If you know any students showing interest in HPM as a career path I would let them know about this and encourage attendance. There is a link to a Word doc outlining the day here. Given that we might be facing significant workforce problems in the future, especially as grandfathering (for board eligibility) is going away in a few years, interesting medical students in our profession now is critically important.

While we're on the subject of late deadlines for AAHPM/Boston - the case conference (given by fellows and other trainees) submission deadline has not closed yet - it's November 3rd.

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