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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Onion on Death Panels

It was inevitable that The Onion would tackle the 'death panel' debacle, which they did this last week with:

Obama: Health Care Plan Would Give Seniors Right To Choose How They Are Killed

It's as obnoxious as you'd expect from The Onion...
Obama also accused his opponents of using scare tactics to score political points, manipulating seniors' fears with misinformation about their upcoming state-mandated deaths.
Etc. Etc. I usually really like Onion's pieces to do with death/dying/etc. (and still maintain this video [blog post here; direct link to video here] is one of the most profound satires on America's relationship with health & death I've ever seen).

This one, if you read it, is really brutal, and perhaps hits too close to home (not in its accuracy, but insofar as there are people out there - and these people include our patients/their families - who believe something close to this could happen). I'm curious as to others' reactions to this.

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