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Friday, April 1, 2011

Reluctant Oncologist Finally Embraces Alternative Medicine

(We hope you enjoyed our April Fool's jokes this year. Look for more of our past April Fool's posts here. - Ed.)

by Abe R Feaulx, Pallimed Special Reporter

Melinda Ungbauer, a local accountant who has been battling cancer for 5 years, is delighted that her oncologist is finally embracing complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) because it was the only way Ms. Ungabuer could get the hospice referral she has been asking for. "When he told me that she wasn't going to give me any more chemo, and was instead finally OK with a therapy I told him about called 'hot spice,' I was delighted."

Ungbauer has been trying to get her oncologist Dr. Don T Pheelgud to refer to hospice for months now.  But she finally figured that he would be ok with a treatment if she told him it was CAM since he recently supported her use of aromatherapy, acupuncture, and immune-boosting nutritional supplements for a few weeks now.  "Until recently he would only recommend more surgery and then more chemotherapy.  Hospice was out of the question as far as he was concerned.  But he was willing to give 'hot spice' a chance once I convinced him it had good evidence for quality of life in patients with treatment-refractory cancers."

Despite Dr. Don T Pheelgud eagerness for trying 'hot spice', he has been perplexed by others' lack of enthusiasm.  "I spoke to my nurse about this 'hot spice' Melinda keeps talking about.  My nurse seemed sad but she thought it was the right thing to do.  I am trying to get someone to answer me what a hot spice nurse is and what she does, but there's not even anything about it on the internet. And I know how to use Google and Yahoo!" exclaimed Dr. Don T Pheelgud.

"Apparently this 'hot spice' nurse said she'd come to Melinda's house and help her feel better, which sounds great - who wouldn't want that. But how the spice works into this no one can answer me,"

Happy April Fools 2011 from Pallimed

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