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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pallimed Opportunities

We’re always looking for inspired volunteers to help spread good palliative care and hospice information. If you see something below you might be interested in please email


Christian Sinclair

Content Production
Writers - See this Pallimed post for much more detail. Looking for various types of writing subjects (opinion, event coverage, research/journal club, media coverage and other). Editorial assistance provided.  No HTML/coding/blogging experience necessary. No previous publications necessary. Some writing experience preferred. Particularly looking for voices from social work, chaplaincy, nursing, aides, PA, NP, fellows administration, pharmacy, and volunteering.  Open to anyone working in the hospice and palliative care space. Commitment: writing 2 posts per quarter (2-5 hours per post).

Assistant Editors - particularly looking for someone with more writing and editorial experience but open to anyone with a strong passion to contribute to the wider knowledge of the field. Current areas open to editors include Arts & Humanities, Case Conferences, Social Media and Main/Research.  Other potential areas to be developed in the future. Open to anyone working in the hospice and palliative care space. Great opportunity for a HPM fellow looking for a scholarly project. (PS if you don't want to write but find these all the time, then consider the information organizer role down below.) Commitment: writing 1-2 posts per quarter (2-5 hours per post), and editorial duties (supporting writers, maintaining editorial calendars, etc. - 30min-2 hours per week)

Book and Film Reviewers - We often get review copies of books related to our field, but we never have time to read them. In addition there always seems to be great movies that would be helpful for HPC clinicians to know about because of the subject matter. So if you are interested in being on a short list of avid readers or film buffs who are willing to write up a review, please let us know! Commitment: watching a movie/reading a book and then writing up a post - time to view/read content + 2-3 hours to write.

Support Team
Curators - Supporters to the Assistant Editors and Editor, mainly for those people not interested in writing or public exposure for professional or other reasons. Projects include maintaining archives, checking links, social media discovery and re-publishing (i.e for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Kickstarter).  If you spend time on any key social media platforms and keep finding great hospice and palliative care (or even general health care material), this is for you. Social media experience preferred, but willing to train. Anyone with Pinterest or YouTube experience highly preferred. Commitment: 30min-2 hours per week.

Designers/Photographers - We are always looking for creative people who are able to put together something that visually communicates important issues.  If you have a design or photography background or know someone who does, please consider supporting great palliative care info with your talents. Lots of room for growth and creativity here. Commitment: Designers 1-2 hours per month, Photographers as needed

Lead Conference Manager - Discovers and catalogs upcoming major conferences related to hospice and palliative care, works with conferences to secure correspondent slots for Pallimed writers, organizes Pallimed writers and social media advocates attending those conferences. May occasionally do write-ups/previews of upcoming conferences. Commitment: 0-1 hour/week.

Information Organizer - Now this doesn't sound so exciting, but it can be pretty interesting. We have a couple of spreadsheets/databases (and thoughts of others), that we think would be helpful to the wider hospice and palliative care community. These are things like upcoming conferences, films with palliative themes, #hpm chat topics and more! Commitment: 0-1 hour/week.

Special Projects
Top secret stuff - Have a really cool idea but need a bigger platform to stage it on?  Or want to hear about some of the future ideas for growth within Pallimed? Drop us a line and maybe we can partner up on the next big idea! 

Conference Coverage - Going to an upcoming conference that is related to hospice and palliative care topics? There are many ways in which you can make your learning experience have a much broader impact.  We love to have you write up your experience for Pallimed, host a Pallimed gathering, and/or tweet from the conference.  Some small amount of funds may be available for events and hopefully in the future conference reimbursement. Commitment: 2-14 hours around the time of the conference, depending on the potential project involved, and length of the conference. A simple blog post may take 2-4 hours, while hosting a meetup for Pallimed or doing video from the conference may take more time. All depends on what you want to do. If you are going to a key conference with hospice and palliative care topics, please let us know ahead of time if you would like to collaborate with us to spread the knowledge!

We are currently looking for 1-3 people for these big upcoming conferences in 2018 - see this post for details.

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