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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Medical Blogging SIG aka Pallimed happy hour at AAHPM

Not going to any of the special interest group meetings at AAHPM? Christian and I will be having a clandestine "Blogging SIG" meeting on Thursday and all are welcome!

To be precise, Christian and I will be talking/drinking/socializing/philosophizing at Kristauf's Martini Bar starting ~6:45ish after Thursday's program is finished. It will be super-informal and casual. If anyone wants to come, talk about Pallimed, medical blogging, how one can try to rationally sip from the apocalyptic deluge of medical information we constantly find ourselves under, or anything else--please stop by. If not CS & I will have a fine time alone. CS, knowing him, will likely be drunk by 6:45pm anyway**, so it promises to be a worthwhile evening.

Map is here (I think it's mere blocks from the conference).
I've changed the photo on my profile temporarily and will invite CS to do the same so you can recognize me/us.

**For the record that was a joke. He'll be tipsy by noon. To (mis)quote Arrested Development, the only thing CS usually has in him is a bottle of vodka and an estrogen pill. This was also a joke.

CS Here...Umm...I am not sure how to respond to Drew's allegations of my vices, for he has only been to lunch with me, and I had a club sandwich and a soda. But his post reminds me of what a social worker was telling me about this week. Something about projecting the image of yourself onto others. Something like that. And for the record, I am not planning on drinking heavily. Coming to hang out with us does not have to be about alcohol if that is not your scene. Binge drinking, joke or not, can be dangerous to your health and generally does not impress people, or so Drew has told me.

I have changed my profile pic temporarily. I may or may not have a goatee at the conference.

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