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Saturday, February 3, 2007

New Site Design

In anticipation of the upcoming Annual Assembly for the AAHPM, we are going through some site re-design. We apologize for any glitches or inconvenience. Since the site has been up in the old form since its inauguration in June 2005, Drew and I have decided to move forward with some updating the look of Pallimed.

Some of the changes in the past month include (Drew has talked about some of these already but for sake of being complete):

1) New Domain Name - With a domain name comes some amount of legitimacy. The old address ( will still work as Blogger is still our host. But with a domain name as simple as it will be very simple for our readers to remember our site and ease the informing of new readers about our great content.

2) Donation Button - We here at Pallimed create this content without remuneration. It is a labor of love and of knowledge. Although it sure does keep Drew and I up to date on the latest in our ever changing field. Some of the posts take quite a while to research and create so that you get quality content. And since some of our upgrades do come with bills, there is now a out-of-pocket expense (although minimal). So if you feel like donating that is wonderful and we thank you in advance, but if you just keep on reading, commenting and telling others about it that would be fine too. This site is not and will not be motivated by profit. (Thus no pesky Adsense!)

3) 3-Column Layout - The new version of Blogger has much more versatility built into it and we want to take advantage to bring you the information quickly. With 3-columns there is less scrolling down to get at the information you need.

4) New Color Scheme - We have tried to keep a color scheme of text and links that provides ease of reading. Please give us any comments on the new color scheme and if it works for you (or not).

5) New Logo - Trying to keep with a fresh new look, and better define our brand identity Pallimed is rolling out this new logo. Since we have been using the Pallimed name to bring great content since June 2005, we needed a logo that reflected our commitment. The logo is also clickable so if you get anywhere in the site and want to get back to the home page, just click the log at the top.

6) Welcome Button - Since Drew and I have a hunch that some Hospice & Palliative Medicine people are a bit technophobic (being such great people persons), we added the welcome button to give you an introduction on how to make the site work best for you. Click on it and see where it takes you.

7) Social Bookmarking - To take advantage of common tools in the blogosphere, we have included one-click buttons at the bottom of every post that allow you to save the post using social bookmarking services (Digg,, Google, My Yahoo!, Technorati, Spurl, Reddit)

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