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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Medicare & Bush - Hospice Cuts; New Feature (Shared Items)

HospiceGuy over at HospiceBlog (a good read if you have not been over there yet) has posted on the NHPCO alert about Bush's new budget and the implications to Medicare and therefore the Medicare Hospice Benefit.

A favorite quote from his post:

That decision will force people like me to focus my energy on the nursing home market in hopes of having enough big profit nursing home patients to finance my admirable but financially unsustainable home patient habit.

He is a pretty clever writer. Much more than me. He gives Drew a good run on being witty.

Why the short post Christian?

Well I also wanted to tell you about the new feature on the left hand column that features stories that come to my RSS/Atom feed through Google Reader. I mark them to 'share' with you the Pallimed readers because it may be of interest to you. Not always so interesting to post a long soliloquy but interesting nonetheless. I promise not to just check everything. I will filter it for you. Unfortunately this service will not come through with the email updates via Feedblitz.

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