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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pallimed Hosting Grand Rounds Next Week

Pallimed will be the host for Grand Rounds the weekly round up of the entire medical blogosphere.  Just as a clarification this Grand Rounds is not the same as Palliative Care Grand Rounds, which is published monthly and focuses on a slightly more specific area. (And is really a swell blog carnival if you have not read it!) 

The topic for Pallimed's edition of Grand Rounds will be the 'Art of Medicine/Nursing' which may be interpreted as you like, kind of like art.

So if you read any great blog posts please email me at with "Grand Rounds" in the subject header and if you would be so kind to add the following:

Why this highlights the "Art of Medicine/Nursing":

Special consideration will be given to those who submit blog posts that are not their own blog post.  And fair warning I won't be posting every single link that is sent to avoid an endless post of links.

Looking forward to seeing your submissions!

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