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Sunday, March 29, 2009

First Multi-User Twitter at a Medical Conference (AAHPM Annual Assembly 2009)

Well the great Twitter experiment of 2009 was a resounding success. I am still analyzing the Tweets from the conference to give some more insightful feedback on the potential impact. One major milestone is this medical conference was the first one to be covered by multiple Twitter users with a significant degree of interaction and reach. Early use of Twitter at medical conferences covered were done by pioneering individuals reporting from a conference with occasional but minimal interaction. With the growth of Twitter in the past three years and the relatively slow adoption of social media to health care, this is a significant step.

Some basic stats:

Tweets During the Conference (Tue 3/24-Sat 3/28 using #AAHPM tag): 224
Unique users tagging Tweets with #AAHPM: 30

Here are the great people who Tweeted!
DrLaura04, laikas, ctsinclair, palliativecare, jeffreybeane, SanDiegoHospice, justfab, lyfe20, daitpcg , AAHPM, Pallimed, MedicalNewsNet, knwachter, pwendl, mchwistek, denisefulton, aliciaault , rabob, MatthewBrowning, cvongunten, johnmulder, lou21, marachne, earlmd, doclake, SWHPN, drmomphd, lesmorgan, Bugo30, HospiceChicago

Throughout this week I will be posting ways in which Twitter was used successfully and also had a few stumbles. Thanks again to all who participated. I expect this will be a growing way to communicate at/from a medical conference.

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