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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pallimed Street Team

This offer is open to any Pallimed reader who wants to grow the knowledge of hospice and palliative medicine professionals. We have recently ordered from (highly rec!) some new business cards with the Pallimed logo (including the Arts, Main and Cases blog) and some 'P' stickers in the Pallimed font (Algerian if you were interested.)

The Pallimed cards are great to hand out to members of your hospice or palliative care team or peers you see at regional and national meetings. The 'P' stickers are great additions to any name tag while at a conference to help you find other readers of Pallimed thereby creating a bigger sense of community. And when someone asks you about the 'P' you can tell them about Pallimed.

Our intention is to grow the readership so the knowledge can grow and the discussions about contemporary issues in palliative care are informed. If you want some please email ctsinclair and I will send you a packet of 10 business cards and 6 'P' stickers. (If you really want more ask, but supplies are limited.) If you want them before the AAHPM Annual Assembly email me (ctsinclair @t gmail d0t c0m) by Wed March 18th so I can get them in the mail to you.

Why use these viral or guerilla marketing techniques? Our biggest growth has always come from word of mouth from our readers which is so appreciated. And we have never and will never take any advertising so we have no budget! If you want to help...great! If this is not your gig, then that is OK too!

And lastly thank you to all the people who have already completed the 2009 Annual Pallimed Readers Survey. In only two days we have more surveys completed then we did for the whole week of the 2008 survey. The 2009 survey closes next Tuesday! And we will share the results with you as a thank you for taking it.

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