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Monday, March 9, 2009

Pallimed Gathering in Austin duing the Assembly

If you're going to the AAHPM conference in Austin, the '3rd Annual Pallimed Happy Hour' will be at Pete's Dueling Piano Bar, (map here) Friday March 27th at 7:30PM until at least 8:30PM, probably later. Yes we realize this is during the Rounding with the Stars session, but no other night worked for both Drew and I. (Here is what we look like to help you find us! I am the smarter looking one.)
Last year we had a pretty good turnout of a little over 20 people and it was nice to put some names and faces together. Regardless, if no one shows up Drew, Tom, Amber (from Arts) and I will spend a decent portion of our Leadership Award on ourselves. If people show up...well I guess we will let them buy us drinks.

It will be simple, and casual, and done for mostly selfish reasons: we love to meet people who are part of the community reading this blog. If you want to come to give us a piece of your mind - feel free to - but remember Drew created this blog so he should if there is something that upsets you the Editor-in-Chief wants to know about it.

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