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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pallimed Annual Readers Survey Closed

Thanks to the 128 people who completed the survey this year. We appreciate your time which this year averaged only 5min, 47 sec. You know how we appreciate your time! Still keeping the survey less then 6 minutes!

We got a lot of helpful input and will be poring over this in the next week or two. If you are coming to Austin you will get to see some of it during our noontime presentation. Otherwise you will have to wait until we get back and will post the results here with our analysis.

Here are a few juicy tidbits of info to whet your appetite:

  • 93% or responders were in the medical field
  • 72% of responders have used Pallimed for the preparation of educational materials
  • 30% of responders have commented before
To the commenter who had the ethics dilemma with the executive and the clergyman and I did not reply, please email me if you still want my input. We read every comment and make strong efforts between the authors here to respond to nearly every comment. But some get lost in the shuffle.

And thanks to all for the supportive comments! We will post some here as endorsements like you might see on the back of a really great novel.
You are providing a great service with this blog. Thanks for the heads up regarding publications, the information you provide, the reflections, and the links to other sources/blogs.

It has given a huge insight into end of life care in the US. Your battles are very different to ours! I am finding the research articles interesting and it has introduced me to a wealth of blogs which are a welcome distraction from my essays.

The ARTS section gives an entirely new approach to my repertoire of articles to recommend to colleagues and laypersons.

Your site is superb--cogent, insightful, and timely. I especially appreciate your penetrating analyses of many of the articles that you review. The site is a fabulous resource for everyone in Palliative Care.

No.......thank YOU. again and again. Great Job! BTW, my son's name is Drew Christian. No kidding. My daughter's name is Amber Amytom. Kidding. My 2 cats are names Morphine and Ativan, and my dog's name is Narcan. No kidding.

Pallimed is an invaluable resource! I've been a reader since my fellowship, and I don't think I could practice successfully without it! Don't change a thing.

With comments like these we may have to survey you once a month. And I don't think Drew stuffed the ballot box with these comments either. There were some more constructive/critical ones which Drew and I will take into account when we publish the full review of the survey.

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