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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Now That I Am a AAHPM Board Member...

Pallimed has never been the official voice of anything. Our writings have really represented just our own thoughts on whatever topic happened to cross our interest that week. We have even disavowed our employers AND former employers in our disclaimer at the bottom of the page (a fun read compared to most disclaimers). But now something is different I was elected to the AAHPM Board of Directors by the membership, so I must ask myself what will change about what I write here on Pallimed.

My hope is that nothing really changes. I plan on writing about the same sort of topics I have discussed over the past three years. I still plan on doing the annual pre-assembly preview as I did before joining the Board. I do not plan to highlight everything the AAHPM does so this will not become a platform for AAHPM activities. But when there are certain AAHPM projects meriting some discussion in the larger context of our field, I hope to bring you a forum here to discuss it. I do not plan to be overly gushing about the Academy but I do hope to bring up some issues to the Pallimed readers to help give me additional insight as many of you are also members of the AAHPM.

So if anything really changes, I hope all of you understand you now have more immediate access to the leadership within the AAHPM. Thank you very much for electing me. I am glad to be your representative. Comment here on the blog or email me at ctsinclair @t gmail d0t c0m.

Email me anytime about anything.

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